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News for 8 November 2007

INDIAN businessman Dr Vijay Mallya, now 50% owner of Epic Aircraft, says the range of single-engine and twin-engine jets, and single turboprop, will be manufactured in India where labour costs are much lower than the US.In an interview with The Economic Times [of India], Mallya is reported as saying, "Once the certification process of Dynasty, Victory and Elite is done in the US, I want to manufacture them in India. The manufacturing b ... more

ARINC has expanded its SkyLink in-flight communications service, the world's only satellite broadband service for business jets.The plan is to introduce fully operational SKYLink Ku-band coverage of the entire Caribbean flight region and substantial coverage of Central and South America during late 2007.ARINC's SkyLink service has been operational over North America since 2005, and was introduced in Europe in September 2006. In addition, AR ... more
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THE fierce competition between Brit Paul Bonhomme and American Mike Mangold came to a head in San Diego at the weekend as ... more
THE Microlight Fair due to be held at Popham Airfield over the Bank Holiday Weekend, 3-5 May, has been cancelled.Organiser ... more
THE Light Aircraft Association (LAA) and British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) are to begin work on merging the t ... more
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