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News for 12 November 2007

ECLIPSE and Cessna are engaged in a 'who's fastest' race with their respective EA500 and Mustang Very Light Jets. Both companies are blasting across routes over the US to set national speed records in the VLJ class.First, Cessna set a record for the New York-Atlanta route on 22 September, clocking 318mph with a flight time of 2hr 23:44.But just a few days later, on 7 October, Eclipse flew the same route at an average speed of 393mph, breaki ... more

Mangold wins championship after tie on points in finalePAUL Bonhomme came so close to becoming the 2007 Red Bull Air Race World Series champion at the final round in Perth, Australia on 4 November. Six levels of tie-breakers had to be gone through to find a champion after Brit Bonhomme and arch-rival American Mike Mangold tied on points.The 52-year-old Californian pulled off the triumph after an improbable comeback, erasing a two-point de ... more
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THE fierce competition between Brit Paul Bonhomme and American Mike Mangold came to a head in San Diego at the weekend as ... more
THE Microlight Fair due to be held at Popham Airfield over the Bank Holiday Weekend, 3-5 May, has been cancelled.Organiser ... more
THE Light Aircraft Association (LAA) and British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) are to begin work on merging the t ... more
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