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MAY 2008












About LOOP

LOOP- 'Fresh air for Flying!'

LOOP is an active initiative working to promote General Aviation within the UK and Ireland.The initiative comes from a new venture called Loop Publishing [UK] Ltd. We've called ourselves "Loop" because we want to bring new people into flying - and then keep them flying by making sure they are aware of all the opportunities available to them.
This dual process of introducing "new blood" and keeping existing pilots flying will reverse the decline in the number of UK pilots that we've seen over the past ten years (down 40% according to CAA figures) and revitalise General Aviation at the sharp end - flying clubs and schools all over the UK.
More business for the Flight Training Organisations = more business for GA as a whole = a stronger, developing flying community. Hence, the "Loop". Everyone benefits.
In many ways, the Loop campaign is similar to the "Be A Pilot" campaign run successfully in the USA over the past few years, but we've also looked at how sailing, motorcycling and golf have been promoted successfully over the past ten years. Many of the lessons learnt can be applied to GA.

There are three elements to the loop campaign:


A marketing campaign at national and regional media levels to promote GA. We will be offering trial lessons, prizes of complete PPL courses and many more flying activities to interest more people in the idea of flying. We believe we can bring at least 1,500 more PPL "new starts" in the first year - that's about ?7.5 million worth of extra business for UK flying schools alone, let alone the spin-off benefits to the rest of the industry.


A monthly A3 size newspaper sent directly to 22,000 UK pilots, aircraft owners and flying club members, free of charge. This will have substantial editorial content, quite unlike existing free publications. The first newspaper will be published in October.


A state-of-the art-website with online booking facilities for trial flights, and plenty of useful info for would-be pilots. There will also be substantial content, both online and in print, aimed at existing pilots to encourage them to fly more.

So, who is LOOP? 

, Editor-in-Chief
Dave looks after the editorial content of LOOP. He's the former Editor-in-Chief of Pilot magazine and before Pilot, he edited Flyer magazine. He made the move into aviation journalism from the BBC in 1999. In total, he has been a newspaper, magazine and web journalist for more than 30 years. He is also a PPL(A) holder and flies from Enstone.

, Director
Sam is the marketing brains behind LOOP. He was Associate Publisher of Pilot and responsible for the magazine's hugely successful marketing strategy (and for other magazines from the same publisher). Sam has run many innovative national and regional marketing campaigns, from specialist magazines to mass market products. Sam is also a PPL(A) holder and flies from Crowfield.

, Director
Dave is The Man when it comes to advertising sales. He was Head of Sales at Pilot and many in the GA industry will have come into contact with him over the past few years. If so, they will have experienced a commitment to customer service that's almost unique in advertisement sales. He says: "When a customer agrees a campaign, I think of that as an investment in their business and it's my job to make sure the investment works for them."

, New Media Manager
Helen looks after the website, LOOP TV and other multimedia projects, and occasionally gets roped into the newspaper editorial too. Helen is also a former staff member of Pilot, with specialist training in multimedia.

, Senior Sales Executive
Stuart works with Andy on advertisement sales, working with clients across the industry, big and small. If you would like to advertise anything from an aircraft for sale to a flying school in LOOP.

, Clubs Editor
Kirsten works with Dave on the editorial content of LOOP and is responsible for the Hangarchat pages in LOOP, if you have a club story we should know about, give Kirsten a bell.

The LOOP Residence
LOOP Publishing [UK] Ltd
9 The Mill
Copley Hill Business Park
Cambridge CB2 4AF
Tel: +44 (0)1223 497 060
Fax: +44 (0)1223 830 880

The Industry speaks out

Here are just some of the people who are supporting us

'It's about time that GA had an organisation promoting flying in a creative and exciting way and I can't wait to see the first issue of Loop.'
Victoria Osborne, Breitling UK Limited, Marketing and PR Manager

'Having worked for 27 years in general aviation I've been waiting for a company like Loop, their ideas and vision for the market are a breath of fresh air and way overdue. Couple this with their experienced team and you have a winning formula and an all-round benefit for the industry, I urge the whole of general aviation to support them to help our market gain strength in these difficult times.'
Shari Peyami, Wycombe Air Centre, Managing Director

'A great idea, just what general aviation needs, good to see a media company putting something back into the industry for a change!'
Dip Patel, Sennheiser UK Ltd, Marketing Communications - Exhibitions and Media

'Loop sounds a very exciting prospect - a bit of life injected into the proceedings! It is so important we encourage more people to fly both for pleasure and as a career. I look forward to getting involved and becoming part of the loop.'
Marty White, Oxford Aviation Training, Manager - Marketing & Sales Development

'Loop represents a sound and exciting initiative to develop GA across the UK and Ireland.
A clear line of sight, focused across key elements of our market, with an aim to regenerate interest in the GA experience, revitalise products and services and encourage greater involvement, will strengthen GA, improve image and put the fun back into our industry.
We believe Loop offers a significant step forward for GA in this regard and wish Loop very success in this endeavour.'

Bill Dennis, ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants, GA Lubricants Manager - Europe, Africa & M/East.

'The concept of Loop is just what we need, Stapleford will be backing Loop all the way.'
Laura Ward, Stapleford Flight Centre

'It's important that a major aviation company such as Honeywell, Inc. works with innovators such as Loop to recruit and keep new pilots. We think that Loop have an interesting and exciting approach that we are keen to work with.'
Alan Perrin, Sales and Marketing manager, Skyforce Avionics, (part of the Honeywell group of companies)

'It's unique and quite brilliant. I'm proud to give Loop my support.'
Steve Gubbins, Garmin, International Sales and Marketing Manager

'With the advent of Loop, it looks at last as if our industry may have a marketing drive that goes for the grass roots of the business on a nationwide basis. General aviation desperately needs a boost at the bottom end driving new pilots into the industry and converting mere enthusiasts into flyers. The experienced team from Loop certainly appear to recognise this and with their innovative approach to bringing new blood into this industry we believe it should certainly prove a successful formula. Anything that converts the layman into an aviator has got to be good news and we shall support these guys as best we can.'
James Dillon-Godfray, Head of Marketing & Development Oxford Airport

'Loop brings something that is long overdue to the general aviation market - marketing and pro-activity, HSBC are behind them every step of the way!'
Tony Mitchison, HSBC, Director - Aviation Division

'Looplooks like offering the aviation community and beyond aninvigorating fresh perspective on the GA scene; we look forward with relish to Loops plans for their website and newspaper.'
Captain Mike McNulty, Air Touring Ltd

'The PFA fully supports Loop's plan to introduce more people to recreational flying and we look forward to working together.'
Graham Newby, Chief Executive, Popular Flying Association

'We are delighted that Loop will be taking the lead to introduce new blood to the general aviation industry and we look forward to working with them. With the wealth of knowledge, ability, and enthusiasm that Loop possesses, I am in no doubt that they will be massively successful - to the benefit of aviation in the UK on the whole.'
Paul Chaney, Managing Director, Horizon Simulation Ltd

'This new initiative from Loop is a breath of fresh air into General Aviation. The BBGA supports it wholeheartedly.'
Mark Wilson, Chief Executive, BBGA, Loop Publishing (UK) Ltd

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