Hire a private jet for your flight

  • VLJ Booking
    • 5
    • 1600 km
      Performance Range
    • 2 hrs
      Max Flight Time
  • Light Business Jets
    Light Jet
    • 8
    • 2450 km
      Performance Range
    • 5 hrs
      Max Flight Time
  • Cessna Citation XLS
    • 9
    • 4800 km
      Performance Range
    • 5 hrs
      Max Flight Time
  • Super-Midsize Cabin
    • 10
    • 5700 km
      Performance Range
    • 7 hrs
      Max Flight Time
  • Twin turboprop charter
    • 9
    • 2700 km
      Performance Range
    • 5 hrs
      Max Flight Time
  • Heavy Jet Falcon, Embraer Legacy
    Heavy Jet
    • 16
    • 8000 km
      Performance Range
    • 8 hrs
      Max Flight Time
  • Ultra Long Range Jets
    Ultra-Long Range
    • 18
    • 18000 km
      Performance Range
    • 8 hrs
      Max Flight Time
  • Airliners and VIP Bizliners
    • 35
    • 12000 km
      Performance Range
    • 12 hrs
      Max Flight Time

Private jet rental and business aviation services

The Loop Private Jets company offers services for organizing private flights throughout Europe. The aviation broker's database contains more than 6,000 models of aircraft of various types. We offer business jets to our clients based on flight range, route characteristics, number of passengers and their preferences. Our aircraft are accessible to more than 8,000 airports around the world, including small local airfields. In most cases, customs inspection and registration take place in separate VIP terminals. This helps avoid queues and wasting time. We offer flexible payment terms for private jet charters, online bookings and transfers (by car or helicopter). We will help you organize a flight with pets on board (dog or cat). We carry out flights of any range and complexity. You can find out the current prices by phone or by sending a request through the website, we will respond within 15-30 minutes - we will provide 3-7 most suitable options, ready for booking.


Flight options

Business aviation offers many options for organizing a flight on a private jet. Our clients can choose:

  • Rent a business jet;
  • Flight using Empty Legs format;
  • Seat-by-seat rental under the Jet Sharing and Shuttle Up program.


Each of the options has its own characteristics, which determine the pros and cons of such flights. A classic private jet flight is the most convenient, but also the most expensive way to travel around the world. The business jet customer chooses the route and departure date; he can fly alone or take other passengers on board. A private flight provides the highest level of privacy, and the customer can work, relax or have fun in the cabin. It is convenient to fly on a fully purchased aircraft with children, elderly relatives, friends and pets.

The Empty Legs booking form is an opportunity to save up to 70-80% compared to a regular private flight. The term Empty Legs in aviation is used to refer to empty or otherwise return flights. Business jets are often booked only one way, so they return to their home base empty. Empty Legs also applies to those liners that return to their permanent location after maintenance. And it is precisely these flights that can be booked at a significant discount, while all the privileges of business aviation for passengers will be retained in full. But you need to take into account that the flight schedule for empty planes is drawn up in advance, so passengers cannot change it at their own discretion.

Business Aviation offers two more cost-effective ways to charter, both of which involve per-seat aircraft rental. The first option of Jet Sharing is that the main passenger, that is, the customer of the flight, can sell part of the free seats to other passengers. This way you can reduce the overall cost of your flight. Shuttle Up is a flight on a private jet with the purchase of only one seat. Typically, under this program, airliners fly to the most popular destinations in Europe, the date and time of their departure are selected in advance.


Advantages of individual flights

Business aviation services are becoming increasingly popular. Charter flights are increasingly preferred not only by businessmen, but also by wealthy clients who fly for vacation, treatment or a romantic trip. Such flights make it possible to travel around the world in comfort, regardless of distance.

The main advantages of individual flights include:

  • Saving time. The flight customer can choose any departure date convenient for him. You need to arrive at the airport in 20-30 minutes, this time is enough for business aviation passengers to complete all pre-flight formalities;
  • Possibility of choosing a route. Not only civil airports, but also commercial and private air hubs are available for private aircraft. And this, in turn, allows the route to be designed so that the business jet lands as close as possible to the final destination;
  • Flexibility Business aviation gives you the opportunity to take personal belongings and pets into the cabin. You can also load sports equipment and equipment on board;
  • Complete comfort during the flight.The cabins of business jets are equipped with comfortable furniture, equipped with multimedia systems, most of these aircraft have noise reduction systems, air conditioning and air purification systems;
  • Confidentiality Renting a business jet means keeping data about flight customers and passengers confidential. You can spend time in the aircraft cabin without intrusive attention from the outside, which is especially important when negotiating and communicating with colleagues.


Business aviation passengers can count on many additional services. Loop Private Jets offers VIP transfers, individual meals on board, hotel and private apartment reservations. Our employees also provide all possible assistance when organizing flights with pets abroad. We will help you collect the necessary documents and certificates.


Stages of ordering a private jet

You can book a business jet online, directly on the website. To submit an application you must indicate:

  • Desired time and date of departure;
  • Number of passengers;
  • Requirements for a business jet;
  • Nature of flight - business, tourist, sanitary, corporate, etc.;
  • Contact details.


Based on this information, the operator selects from 3 to 7 aircraft that meet the conditions, and we send information about them to the client’s email. The customer only has to select the board, after which the immediate preparation for the flight will begin. If urgently needed, the plane can take off within 3-4 hours.


VIP flight features

Loop Private Jets takes full responsibility for preparing regional and international flights. Our employees help prepare the documentation necessary for departure and landing of the aircraft in European cities, negotiate with aviation services, and control the technical preparation of aircraft.

The company's clients are guaranteed:

  1. Skip-the-line check-in;
  2. Waiting for departure in the VIP terminal, if provided at the airport, or in the VIP zone;
  3. All possible assistance from the staff - a personal assistant will help you go through customs procedures and monitor the loading of luggage;
  4. Comfortable conditions in the aircraft cabin;
  5. Tasty and healthy food.


We will select a private jet taking into account its capacity, speed, and flight range without refueling. For departure and landing at small airports, we offer aircraft capable of taking off and landing from shortened runways.


The following types of business jets are used in business aviation:

  • Light aircraft. Passenger capacity up to 6 people, non-stop flight no more than 2.5 thousand km, and average speed 600 km/h. The cabin height is no more than 150 cm. Airliners with such characteristics are more suitable for flights between neighboring cities, they provide a minimum level of comfort, but at the same time the rental cost is low;
  • Turboprop airliners. They fly over a distance of up to 1250 km, can accommodate up to 8 passengers, and due to their ultra-compact dimensions can land on short runways;
  • Light jets. They can accommodate up to 9 passengers, the average speed is up to 700 km/h, and they can stay in the air continuously for up to 3 hours. The cabin is more spacious compared to light aircraft, but it is also impossible to move at full height in it;
  • Super light jets. They differ from the previous type of business jet in a higher cabin; passengers can move freely to their full height. Without refueling, they can stay in the air for up to 4 hours, the fuel consumption is economical, the cabin capacity is 6-9 people;
  • Medium-haul. A non-stop flight reaches 5800 km, and the average speed of such airliners is 850 km/h. Provide an optimal level of comfort and accommodate up to 15 passengers. Medium-haul business jets are often rented not only for regional, but also for international flights;
  • Long-haul. Designed for flights without refueling over a distance of 9 thousand km. Passenger capacity 15-19 people, average speed 900 km/h. The cabin of such business jets is often divided into separate zones and equipped with everything necessary for a long stay in the air;
  • Business liners. They can accommodate up to 48 passengers, and a non-stop flight is possible over a distance of 9-11 thousand km. The salon has separate meeting rooms, a bedroom, a shower, and a kitchen with the ability to prepare hot meals.


You can choose a private jet, even for the shortest route, fully equipped with innovative technology and with the highest level of comfort on board. Most of those who regularly rent business jets for work trips prefer to book reliable aircraft with comfortable seats and capable of landing on any runway.


Meals on board a business jet

Business aviation clients can choose the flight menu at their own discretion. Loop Private Jets is ready, if necessary, to provide meals from the restaurant chosen by the passenger. At the stage of booking a flight, it is advisable to indicate in advance your food preferences, food tolerance, and allergies. We are ready to organize dietary meals for children or those who are on a diet, including those due to chronic diseases. There are usually soft and alcoholic drinks on board aircraft or you can order them at your own discretion.


General procedures for passengers at the airport

Passengers of both regular aircraft and business jets must undergo a number of mandatory procedures upon departure and after landing. Loop Private Jets employees take on all paperwork responsibilities and solve some of the problems themselves. Our clients can arrive at the airport in just 20-30 minutes, because:

  • Only identity confirmation completes the check-in procedure, and this does not take much time;
  • All procedures are carried out, if possible, through a separate VIP terminal. This area is designed to serve business aviation clients, so there are no queues;
  • We organize a transfer to the airport - in a luxury car, the passenger can drive directly to the airport building.


All Loop Private Jets offers are aimed at creating conditions for business jet passengers to be completely relaxed and not have to worry about missing their flight and leaving on time.


Benefits of private flights

When planning a flight on a regular plane, the passenger must independently think through every detail, from purchasing a ticket for the desired date to choosing a transfer option to the final destination of the route. Business aviation clients only need to submit an application, fill out the required items and enter into an agreement with an aviation broker. Their personal manager does the rest for them; at the final stage, passengers will only have to arrive at the airport, go through check-in, board and spend the entire flight in a comfortable environment, without being distracted by other passengers.

Collaboration with Loop Private Jets is:

  1. Safety. Business jets are provided with a professional crew - qualified pilots with extensive experience in civil and military aviation. The aircraft are equipped with the latest navigation systems and innovative avionics, and before departure they undergo mandatory technical inspection;
  2. Privacy. We keep all passenger information confidential and take care of confidentiality at the airport;
  3. Flexible schedule. We are always ready to adapt to the client’s wishes; in exceptional cases we can delay the flight or change the flight direction.
  4. The ability to fly around the world without restrictions. We organize flights to any point in Europe; our clients can take a dog, cat, or parrot with them on the flight. The company's employees will help you collect documents for animals and select a business jet that will be convenient for both passengers and their pets.


When you rent a business jet from Loop Private Jets, you can count on qualified assistance. Our employees monitor changes in the legislation of different countries, so they can always provide accurate information about what documents are required for departure and what needs to be taken into account when traveling to another state.


Cost of flights on a business jet

Due to improved flight quality, flexibility and demand, more and more customers are using business aviation services. Flying on a business jet is often not much different in cost from traveling in business class, but provides much more opportunities.

The cost of flying on a private jet consists of several parameters:

  • The class of the selected airliner, its size and capacity;
  • Distances and total flight duration;
  • Payments for aircraft maintenance, fees in VIP terminals, menu features;
  • The cost of parking a business jet at the arrival airport (if the flight is booked in both directions).


The manager will calculate the rental cost immediately after collecting all the basic information about the customer’s preferences and flight features. After this, an agreement is drawn up and signed, which also specifies the rental amount and payment options. The amount specified in the contract is final, that is, after the completion of the flight it does not change upward.


Flights within Europe

Loop Private Jets is ready to organize a flight of any complexity across European countries, including within countries. We cooperate with almost all currently operating airports, so our planes can land not only at major air hubs of international importance, but also at local airfields in Europe.

If necessary, we will organize a combined flight using airplanes, helicopters, and VIP cars. This travel option is convenient because passengers can get to the place they need in the most comfortable conditions or to the airport from which they can fly to anywhere in the world. We will select the best option taking into account your budget and preferences.


Stages of flight preparation

Flights organized with our help always take place without any hiccups and in normal mode; this is achieved not only by our extensive experience in the field of business aviation, but also by the standard flight organization algorithm, which consists of 4 main stages:

  1. At the first stage, flight planning occurs. It includes sending requests to aviation services, selecting those proposals that are most suitable for the conditions, legal registration of the service, resolving all issues related to safety;
  2. At the second stage, an agreement is concluded. It specifies the responsibilities of the parties, the timing of the service, its cost, and payment details. The contract is drawn up in two copies, one remains in the hands of the client;
  3. The third stage is securing the flight. The personal manager responsible for organizing the flight double-checks all requests for the flight, receives SLOTS, submits applications to aviation services and VIP terminals. At this stage, the menu is also developed and approved, and catering companies are selected;
  4. At the fourth stage, the company representative is already working with the client at the airport. His tasks include assistance with check-in for flights, ordering passes, and assistance with delivering luggage on board.


Features of flight using the Empty Legs format

Business aviation aircraft return empty to their parking lot quite often. Operators and owners of aircraft always try to find interested passengers for such flights in order to reduce their costs. And due to more attractive prices and discounts, such flight options are in demand among business aviation clients. Usually the date of return flights is known in advance, so we post information about available seats on the website. Anyone can buy such a board. We recommend submitting a request for an Empty Legs flight in advance, indicating your desired route. In this case, you will regularly receive current offers by email, which will allow you to book a plane immediately.

Features of flight in the Empty Legs format include:

  • Saving up to 70%;
  • Full preservation of all business aviation privileges;
  • The flight departs at a predetermined time;
  • Quick check-in at the airport.


However, it is necessary to take into account that return planes depart from the airport strictly on time; the customer of the flight cannot influence the schedule.


Terms of payment and return

Our clients can pay for a private flight in cash, by transfer to an account or card, in cryptocurrency, or we will issue an invoice. The chosen payment option and the timing of the payment are specified in the contract. We can offer more flexible payment options, but each case is considered individually.

Loop Private Jets will provide all documents necessary for reporting. If a flight is canceled due to our fault, we pay the money in full. If the customer refuses the flight, we try to do everything possible to ensure that the fines for you are minimal.


Additional services

Loop Private Jets offers a wide range of services that will allow our clients to fully enjoy their vacation and delegate some of the tasks to our company. We will help you organize a transfer to or from the airport, create a menu for your flight, book a hotel room, and rent a car, boat or yacht. Nothing is impossible for our employees, just indicate your wishes in the application and we will try to make sure that all of them are fulfilled.


Loop Private Jets Team

The company's employees are professionals with specialized education and a great desire to work. At the moment we employ 14 people in 3 international offices. All specialists work in close cooperation, which allows us to quickly and competently solve complex and atypical problems. Most of the employees speak several languages. Each client receives assistance from a personal flight consultant, who will be in touch around the clock until the end of the flight. It is this person who helps you choose a business jet that has the appropriate technical characteristics, submits requests to aviation services, organizes security, selects a crew, and coordinates meals.

Loop Private Jets guarantees safety, a high level of service and departure at the time agreed with the client. We always try to make sure that the flight leaves only pleasant emotions and positive impressions.


8000 business aviation airports

We will select a private jet for flights to anywhere in Europe. An air broker will take care of all the nuances of organizing a private flight

Flexible payment terms for private flights

Clients have access to 5 payment methods for aircraft rental, including cash and cryptocurrency. Easy flight cancellation and rescheduling to a convenient day and time

Transfer to the airport or VIP terminal

We will arrange a transfer for you by premium car or private helicopter. The company operates throughout Europe

Select a city for a private flight