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MAY 2008













Welcome to LOOP's section on Aerobatic flying.

Whether you are new to aerobatics or wanting to master your skills then you will find something of interest to you.

Alan Cassidy is one of Britain's best-known and most experienced aerobatic instructors. He won the British national Aerobatic Championship four times, in 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2003.

He has also competed in six World Championships. His latest book, Better Aerobatics, is widely held to be the definitive manual for flying aerobatics.

Exclusive to LOOP, Alan takes us through a number of aerobatic  manoeuvres step-by-step, all of which can be seen below.

Click on the manoeuvre to learn more:

The Loop
Ballistic Roll
Barrel Roll
Straight and Level Roll
Half a Cuban Eight
Half of a Reverse Cuban Eight
Stall Turn
Rudder (Flick) Rolls
Half & Half
Precision Spins
Inverted Spins
Rolling Turns
Vertical Rolling
Hesitation Loops
Hesitation Loops 2
Effective Training
Hesitation Loops 3
Going with the Flow
Opening your Personal Flight Envelope
Wingover Rehearsals

 You can now see all of Alan’s articles in their original format on iLOOP. Click here for more information and to subscribe for free.

Three great opportunities for you to try competition aerobatic flying at a LOOP aerobatic day.

THE British Aerobatics Association and LOOP have joined forces to set up three days in 2007 that will open your eyes to the world of competition aerobatics.

You definitely do NOT need to be an aerobatic ace to take part! Competing at aerobatics may seem a daunting prospect but the camaraderie and support from the coaches and fellow competitors make it an experience you will treasure for a long time. I took part at Compton Abbas in 2006. I’m still grinning!

The British Aerobatics Association (BAeA) provides three aircraft for each event and there are spaces for ten people. The day starts with a briefing and information about the competition and you are paired with a BAeA coach.

Each pilot will fly the BAeA Beginners sequence twice – once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The sequence will be watched by experienced pilots and judges. You’ll get a full debrief on how you flew in the morning session and what you can do to improve your performance in the afternoon competition.

You fly the sequence with the coach as P2. You won’t have any coaching in the competition once you start the sequence but it’s reassuring to know the coach is there as a safety pilot. Once everyone has flown you’ll gather to hear the results and feedback from the judges.

So don’t dither, sign up now! Too often people wait before committing, but where’s the fun in that? All the pilots I flew with agreed it was an inspiring day. LOOP will be there to photograph and report on the day. – Sam Spurdens

19 May, Bodmin
14 July, Little Gransden
11 August, Sherburn

LOOP (of course!), Half Cuban, Stall Turn, Quarter Clover, Aileron Roll. To view Alan Cassidy’s articles on these figures, go to and click on the iLOOP section. You can use the search facility to find articles. Also invaluable for any aerobatic pilot is Alan’s book, Better Aerobatics. Buy it at

Call Jen Buckenham on 01487 833022 or download the entry form from:

Cap 10C, Cessna Aerobat, Robin 2160, Slingsby T67

All pilots flying solo, or in their own aeroplane (even if a BAeA safety pilot is on board) must be signed off as being ‘safe’ to fly aerobatics before the event by a qualified aerobatic instructor (a log book entry and signature is acceptable) or by a BAeA Check Pilot. Refer to for a list of Check Pilots.

Entry is just £10 for BAeA members, £20 non-members. The cost for the aerobatic coach and aircraft is £155 per hour and it’s anticipated that no more than 50 minutes total flying will be needed. This is payable on the day. You need to enter at least a week before the competition but we suggest doing it much sooner to avoid disappointment.



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