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MAY 2008












ItemChiltern Airsports Ltd
Chiltern Park Aerodrome

Chiltern Airsports is a flying training school located on the gentle south western slopes of the Chiltern Hills between  Reading and Oxford. We operate our own grass airfield and keep the aircraft in our hangar,  the airfield is known as  Chiltern Park Aerodrome.

Within our comfortable split level air conditioned clubhouse are attractive spacious classrooms and there is a sunny viewing deck outside. Open all year we will often fly till sunset enjoying long summer evenings in the air.

We will train you to gain a National Private Pilots Licence with a rating which allows you to fly microlight aircraft. We offer a  bespoke, tailored training package integrating flying training with ground school. You will be looked after by your own instructor;  when the weather is good he will take you flying and when it isn't he will take you for ground school.


Briefing room
Accomodation for students traveling long distances

 Courses Available:
Full ground school & exams
Training on school & student aircraft

Trial lessons:          
    We offer two types of trial lesson:
    30 minutes @ £65.00
    You will be given a full safety and ground briefing on the aircraft and approx 25-30 minutes flying where     you will be able to ‘take Control’  of the aircraft.
    60 minutes @ £99.00
    An ideal way to find out what is involved in a full training lesson before you make that first step to             becoming Pilot.

Number of members: 40
Membership fee: £5.00 PA (Free for student under training)

Training details:
Training Part 1
    6 hours introductory flying training in the C42 @ £105.00 per hour @ £630.00
    Ground School part 1 Including :
    First brief, on (procedures, exercises 1 & 2) plus ground school on Air Law and Human Performances,
    books, maps, knee board, manuals, syllabus & club membership etc. @ £580.00
Total cost:£1210.00

Training Part 2
    Having completed the introductory flying, you are then invited to either:-
A)    Buy a 1/11th  full share in a C42 @ £5995.00 **
       Ground School part 2 which includes navigation, meteorology & technical @ £420.00
B)     Purchase a temporary share for £995.00** plus ground school @ £420.00
        This share is valid until you obtain your Licence.
        Once you have completed your training, you have the option to buy a 1/11th equity share for                   £5495.00

** If a full or temporary share has been purchased the reduced flying training rate of £90.00 per hour will apply.

Note :- By choosing option (A) you will save £475.00 on a share plus up to £500.00 on flying lessons.
     Chose option (B) you will save up to £500.00 on flying lessons

Full 25hr training Package for those who do not wish to purchase a share @ £3625.00

Items not included.........
Doctors fee. £………..?
BMAA Membership @ £51.00pa
General Flying Test  @ £215.00 (this includes 1 hour use of aircraft & examiners fees)
CAA license fee @ £132.00

All prices include V.A.T.


Aircraft No £ Training £ Solo
Ikarus C42 FB100 1 £105.00 £105.00
Dynamic WT9

Click here for more information about our training costs (PDF document)

 Meet the team:
CEO: Dennis Pearson
Secretary: Julie Pearson
CFI: Paul Mills

Filming and Editing: Helen Rowlands-Beers.
Music: Courtesy of Red Lightnin' 2007