Private Flight from Almaty - online booking


  • VLJ Booking

    • 5

    • 1600 km

    • 2 hrs
  • Light Business Jets
    Light Jet

    • 8

    • 2450 km

    • 5 hrs
  • Cessna Citation XLS

    • 9

    • 4800 km

    • 5 hrs
  • Super-Midsize Cabin

    • 10

    • 5700 km

    • 7 hrs
  • Twin turboprop charter

    • 9

    • 2700 km

    • 5 hrs
  • Heavy Jet Falcon, Embraer Legacy
    Heavy Jet

    • 16

    • 8000 km

    • 8 hrs
  • Ultra Long Range Jets
    Ultra-Long Range

    • 18

    • 18000 km

    • 8 hrs
  • Airliners and VIP Bizliners

    • 35

    • 12000 km

    • 12 hrs

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Almaty - private jet rental and Empty Legs flights

Nowadays, flexibility and speed parameters are getting more and more relevant in modern aviation. An appearance of private aviation in Kazakhstan gave an opportunity for those parameters to be massively improved. More often and often not only businessmen, directors of big corporations or celebrities use services of private aviation, but ordinary middle class people. In Kazakhstan, almost in every big city with airport, business aviation is available. Charter flights are capable of solving time-limit problems, for example, in a case of urgent flight need. A possibility of ordering a private airplane in Almaty could massively speed up the flight, because you don’t need to wait for a plane in terminal or change your plans according to the flight date. With the help of our service, you can easily book a flight from Almaty for any time.

Business aviation in Almaty

8000 airports and business aviation terminals

We will select a private plane for a flight to Almaty. We will help you organize your flight taking into account your wishes. Online price calculation on the website.

Flexible payment terms for flights to Almaty by private jet

Customers have access to 5 payment methods for aircraft rental, including cash and cryptocurrency. Easy flight cancellation and rescheduling to a convenient day and time.

Transfer to the airport or VIP terminal

We will arrange a transfer for you by premium car or private helicopter. We work throughout Europe. We will help you get to the airport in Almaty

Prices for a private flight to Almaty Airport - cost calculation

All flights are operated from the local international airport. It’s located just in 15 km from the city center, so you will not have any inconveniences reaching it. Almaty International Airport is known for being the biggest and the busiest in the country and in the whole Central Asia. Also, it takes ninth place in the list of the busiest airports among post-Soviet countries. Airport’s codes: IATA – ALA, ICAO – UAAA. Aboard the private aircraft, passengers can spend some quality time solving urgent work problems without losing a second. High-quality catering is organized on the plane. Flight confidentiality is another advantage of choosing private aviation.

Jet aircraft rental is also pretty demanded service in Almaty. Flights on those are available to any place in the world, but also domestic flights are operated. You can choose any category of flight: medical, passenger or cargo. If you want, you can take your pets on the plane, but before that please talk about the details with our manager – every question can be solved on the planning stage. With our company you’ll get not only the pros of private and solitary flight, but also first-class high-quality service. Besides, we have an option of installing additional armchairs on the plane for an extra charge. By the way, if you don’t need a complete privacy, you can offer a flight with other passengers on the board. This will essentially decrease a final cost of the ticket, while the quality of flight and other pros of charter will be on the same level. Enjoy our magnificent service, not complaining about the details. Private business aviation – our solution to your business and corporate travel.

Customer Reviews:


Paul, April 15

customer rating

Thank you for your considerate and responsible approach. We flew with the family on vacation, booked a Challenger 350. Everything was prepared perfectly, we even managed to sleep on the plane after a long journey. Special thanks for the wine for my wife. It's a pleasure to do business with you!


Ryan, May 2

customer rating

This company helped us out when we urgently needed to fly to Dubai for a congress. The previously booked flight to Nice was canceled and I had to order the services of a private broker. The guys are great, they organized everything at a decent level. They solved our sudden problem literally on the same day as we contacted them through the site. You can feel a lot of experience in business aviation. The plane was served on time. I would like to express special thanks to the crew for the smooth takeoff and landing, as well as for the in-flight service.


Liam, June 10

customer rating

We flew to the Maldives with a large company, ordering one plane for all turned out to be comparable to business class prices. A friend turned to an air broker. We got much more pleasure from the flight than from a regular flight, because we flew only with our own company, without strangers. Beautiful plane, delicious food and excellent service. For the first time I used the services of private aviation, I was very impressed.


Thomas, September 24

customer rating

In terms of service and prices, they have few competitors. I would prefer to continue ordering aircraft from them. It is both profitable and reliable. They never canceled my flight. For me, this is the most important thing.


Simon, October 12

customer rating

In precedenza, ho volato con diversi broker aerei, ma mi piace di più "". Qui il servizio è di vera business class, cioè di altissimo livello. Il comfort e il servizio in aereo sono molto importanti per me, ho molta paura di volare. Pertanto, ho abbandonato da tempo i voli regolari, utilizzo sempre quelli privati. Qui nessuno dei gestori mi dirà che a bordo non c'è il mio menù preferito, in generale non ci saranno sicuramente spiacevoli sorprese. Grazie mille!


Richard, January 11

customer rating

En primer lugar, me gustaría señalar la conveniencia de realizar pedidos en el sitio web del corredor, hay una calculadora en línea para calcular el costo de alquilar un avión, lo que ayuda mucho a la hora de planificar un presupuesto. Inmediatamente sé cuánto me costará volar a mi destino y puedo ahorrar dinero eligiendo la categoría de avión. Tampoco hay quejas sobre la organización del registro, el aterrizaje y el vuelo, y un administrador personal es generalmente un excelente servicio.


Nicholas, November 3

customer rating

Nous recherchions un hélicoptère pour un vol de l'aéroport de Majorque à Ibiza - nous avions besoin d'entrepreneurs fiables qui travaillent dans l'aviation d'affaires depuis plusieurs jours. Nous avons trouvé "" dans Google - beaucoup de nos partenaires ont déjà volé avec, et ils ont dit que la société est très fiable, je travaille depuis longtemps, ils travaillent à la fois avec des jets d'affaires et des hélicoptères. L'organisation du vol de Palma à l'île d'Ibiza a démontré qu'ils sont vraiment des professionnels dans leur activité aéronautique : nous avons été rapidement fournis avec 3 variantes d'hélicoptères, aidés à comparer et à choisir le coffre-fort Eurocopter EC130B4. Le contrat était très simple, les spécialistes du département financier proposaient les meilleurs formulaires et méthodes de paiement, nous bénéficiions également d'un support d'expédition et d'une escorte à l'aéroport de Palma et à l'aéroport d'Ibiza. L'hélicoptère est vraiment neuf, le pilote est expérimenté et taciturne - comme nous le souhaitions, le vol s'est très bien déroulé, lisant même un peu de mauvais temps. Maintenant, nous savons à qui nous adresser.


Evgeny, August 7

customer rating

Очень приятно работать с Романом из "". Настоящий профессионал своего дела, помог нам найти небольшой самолет для перелета в Мюнхен. Предложили гибкие условия бронирования и оплаты (есть возможно оплатить перелет криптовалютой). Пошли на встречу с курением на борту самолета. В общем остались очень приятные впечатления, буду летать с вами еще!


Edgars, December 26

customer rating

We needed a charter for the top management of the company from Paris to London - the flight was urgent, it was necessary to find a plane and organize a charter within 3 days. We stumbled upon "" on the Internet, and among others, decided to request a plane. The manager of this company was the first to contact us: they told us about all the possible options, oriented on prices, sent more than 15 options with specific business jets from the most expensive to the cheapest. After comparing offers from several other companies, we settled on the best offers from "". The agreement with the legal department was agreed very quickly, the financial department approved the first payment roadmap proposed by "". The flight took place, my supervisors really liked the quality of work - thank you.